patrick kelly

We train the Taiji system of Patrick Kelly, who has been practising and teaching Taiji and meditation for 50 years. He teaches Taiji with modern methods, giving it depth and a clear understanding of the inner principles.

Patrick Kelly's Taiji is in the tradition of Grandmaster Huang Xingxian, whose Grandmaster was in turn Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man Ching, Yang style).

In 1973 Patrick began Taiji with a student of Master Huang Xingxian (Sheng-Shyan) and moved to Malaysia in 1977 to learn directly from Master Huang.

As the only non-Chinese, Patrick Kelly was accepted into Master Huang's Inner School in 1979 (see photo below) and remained in intensive training exchange with Master Huang until his death in 1992.

Patrick Kelly does the Taichi short form.

Master Huang Xingxian accepts Patrick Kelly into the inner circle of his Taiji school during a tea ceremony.

Patrick Kelly began his esoteric studies in the 1970s with three main teachers:


Abdullah Dougan - Naqshibandi Sufi Sheikh
Huang Xingxian - Daoist Taiji Master
Mouni Maharaj of Rajasthan - Raja Yogi

Patrick's many years of deep experience and connection with the three great esoteric currents of Daoism/Buddhism, Yoga and Sufism enliven his training system. This has resulted in a meaningful synthesis of Taiji, meditation and inner refinement. The techniques and developments complement and support each other and partly build on each other.


At the express wish of his teachers, Patrick founded a worldwide network of instructors. In it, 100 senior students (20+ years) together with 150 students who have been practising Taiji for 10-20 years teach several thousands of students. The individual schools are independent of each other.

His main schools are in Shanghai, Auckland and Zurich.

Patrick Kelly is also the author of four books on Taiji and meditation (in English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin).