patrick kelly’s teachers

Some information about his most important teachers who made an impact on what and how we practice today.

Patrick Kelly's teacher Abdullah Dougan, a Naqshibandi Sufi Sheikh.

Abdullah Dougan - Naqshibandi Sufi sheikh

was born in New Zealand in 1918

His spiritual roots reached back through the Greek Gnostics of Alexandria to Hermes Trismegistos (Master of the Egyptian Mysteries) and beyond to Zoroaster of Mesopotamia (8000 years ago). Abdullah called his group the "Gnostic Society".

Originally, his teachings were based on the psychological methods of GI Gurdjieff.

After Abdullah was accepted into the Chisti-Sufi order around 1960, he took up the spiritual teachings of the Sufi Hazrat Inyat Khan. In Kandahar/Afghanistan he was accepted into the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, learned the 7 points of Naqshibandi meditation and the method of "heart to heart" connection between teacher and student.

His books are available from Gnostic Press/NZ.

Patrick Kelly's teacher Master Huang Xingxian (Huang Sheng-Shyan), who practised Daoist Taiji.

Huang Xingxian (Huang Sheng-Shyan) - daost taiji

was born in 1910 in Fujian Province, China.
Since Master Huang was 14 years old, he was trained in Fujian White Crane (Baihequan), 18 Buddha Boxes (Luohanquan) and Neigong (Daoist Inner Alchemy). Later he opened a school in Shanghai.

There, Huang learned Taiji from Wan Laisheng, a Chinese martial arts master who was famous for his natural boxing (Ziranmen). After moving to Taiwan, he began Taiji with Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man Ching) - a direct disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu. Huang was soon allowed to enter the inner school and in later years was considered Zheng's most able student. From 1958 onwards, Huang lived and taught in Singapore and Malaysia, where he founded 40 schools and taught 10``ˈ000 people. Shortly before his death in Fouzhou, China, in December 1992, Master Huang had taken up permanent residence in New Zealand.

Patrick Kelly's teacher Mouni Maharaj of Rajasthan, who practised Raja Yoga.

Mouni Maharaj von Rajasthan - Raja Yoga

came from the Himalayas in 1935.
Already an accomplished Raja Yoga practitioner, he lived and taught for the next 20 years in a small village in Punjab, Bhuko. From time to time he wandered around India.

Mouni Maharaj knew many of the ancient great sages of India, including Ramana Maharshi and Nityananda.
Around 1955, he left the village in Punjab and established a new ashram in the desert of Rajasthan near the town of Merta. There he stayed and taught for 40 years, always staying in the ashram from 1975 onwards. Until he abruptly left again in 1995 and founded an ashram near Mount Abu.

Patrick Kelly first travelled to Mouni Maharaj in 1977. He offered to teach Patrick the genuine, little-known methods of Raja Yoga and the raising of the Kundalini.
Since 1996, Mouni Maharaj, arguably the most respected yogi in Rajasthan and the Punjab, has travelled continuously around India taking care of his students. Patrick travelled to Mouni Maharaj again and again until he died on 31 October 2007.

Patrick Kelly's teacher Master Ni Huaching practising Taoism.

Meister Ni Huaching - Daoism

was born in Zhejiang Province, China, in the same city as Zheng Manqing.
He began practising Daoist inner refinement techniques and gongfu as a teenager.
Ni Huaching knew Yang Cheng-Fu and studied Taiji with Yang Shao-Hou, Cheng-Fu's elder brother.
He had a lifelong friendship with Zheng Manqing. In the 1970s, Zheng founded a school in New York. A few years later, Ni founded his Taiji school in Los Angeles and later a college for Chinese medicine in Santa Monica.
Patrick Kelly has been in contact with Ni Huaching since the early 1980s.
Ni Huaching is the author of over 50 books in English and Chinese. At well over 100 years of age, he continues to travel the world.

His books have been published by Seven Stars Communication/USA.

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