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Patrick Kelly is the author of four books, which have been translated into several languages and are partly available as e-books.

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Tip: In addition, Patrick Kelly's websites are a veritable treasure trove of information and texts. It's worth checking back here every now and then, as they are constantly evolving.

Relax, deep mind - taiji basics

Available in: German, English, French, Italian

Price: 35.- CHF oder 30.- € – Reading sample

Available as e-book


In this book Patrick Kelly explains the Taiji principles.
Master Huang Xingxian's five loosening exercises and his Taiji form are described in detail and illustrated throughout.

infinite dao

Available in: German, English, French, Italian, Mandarin

Price: 50.- CHF or 45.- €, hardcover, linen, over 300 p  – Reading sample

Patrick Kelly has dedicated his life to the search for truth. At the age of 21, he began his journey, which took him through many countries and continents to different teachers and traditions. Patrick Kelly has recorded the insights he gained in the following 35 years in this autobiography. He describes his encounters with sages from the Sufi, Daoist and Yogi traditions who became his teachers.
The book offers an insight into the principles and practices of each tradition. And also into the historical and cultural context in which they stand. Ultimately, it becomes apparent that the inner truth of each tradition remains the same at its core. The outer form, however, was shaped by these impressive teachers through their different characters.

spiritual reality

deep mind and beyond

Available in: German, English, French, Italian

Price: 20.- CHF oder 18.- € –  Reading sample


Patrick Kelly presents a concrete model of spiritual reality in this compact book. It is rounded off with a practical section with methods and exercises for spiritual growth.


The gentle path of internal evolution

English, available mid 2022


Inner work for spiritual development.
A summary of talks given by Patrick Kelly at the annual "Lake Constance Workshops" from 2013 to 2021, with questions from students and answers from him.