Go deeper

To bring the spirit (mind) out of everyday consciousness and deeper,

  • we quiet the mind,
  •  calm the emotions and
  •  relax the body.
  •  Initially, the breath supports us in this, which then slides into the background.

A special feature of our system is that we not only bring the mind to rest (horizontal movement of the mind, "mindfullness"). We want to go beyond that into the depths (vertical movement of the mind). In doing so, we go through the deep body sensations into the energy field of the body and then try to "wake up" internally. (close down to wake up internally)

The further structure of the meditation continues - depending on the hour - with different elements, depending e.g. on the composition and experience of the group or the remaining time.

Generally the meditation lasts about 15 minutes. In advanced training this can be extended to 20-25 minutes.

We take the inner refinement and deep state of mind gained in this way out into our daily lives.


However, meditation is in itself only an exercise. Later, the goal is that every moment in life becomes a training in this deep state of mind. The Deep Mind can be sometimes more, sometimes less present - but it is always there. (Master Huang/Patrick Kelly)

View in the forest of several trees with the sun shining through.