structure of the meditation

In each class, the meditation is adapted according to the level and experience of the participants. Patrick Kelly has put together a set of exercises that can be combined as needed.

Here is an example of the structure of a meditation. The order of the exercises corresponds to their sequence in a meditation.

Level Area Examples for Exercises
 All  Whole body
  • Close dowm the mind – wake up
  • Microcosmic circle/orbit
  • 8 paths
All Middle Dantien
  • Spread out the Light from the Middle Dantien
  • Send out light to other people/Sharing the Light
Advanced Upper Dantien
  • Lift Light to the Head and spread it
  • Contact to Inner Teacher/ Guide
  • Send out light to contact the Old Teachers
More advanced Beyond upper Dantie
  • Contact your Spirit (The Beyond)
Advanced Middle Dantien
  • Pull the light down into the Middle Dantien and spread it
  • Integration of the refined energies
Advanced Additional exercises in the Middle Dantien
  • Looking back at past events (Daily dying)
  • Energy work in 5 organs, which stand for the 5 elements (5 clouds)
All Whole body
  •  Transition back to the outer world

If we have less time or external conditions do not allow for sitting meditation, we do a standing meditation exercise instead: Lifting & Sinking.